Hints For Novice Exhibitors - As Demonstrated By Friends Of The Family


1. Shear early in the year. Keep the sheep warm and well fed until the new coat grows in just a few weeks.

  2. A couple of weeks before the show, gently train your sheep to walk on a halter and lead. A well behaved sheep catches the judge's eye and shows itself off well.   2a. Don't forget to train it to stand still too. Get a friend to walk up to the sheep and touch it like the judge will. A frightened sheep, jumping about the ring, can't possibly show off its good points.
3. Three or four days before the show, wash the sheep thoroughly - and get soaked in the process! Various animal shampoos are available.   4. I brush and trim my sheep the day before the show. I prefer not to hassle them on the day they have to go into the ring - so posh sheep coats are a necessity to keep them dry and tidy overnight.   5. The only last minute job is a quick face and leg wash before going into the ring.
6. Walking into the ring all relaxed, fresh, spruced up, and ready to do your best.