The Woolpit Jacob sheep flock

Over the years, I have chosen to keep some of the best natured sheep - so you could say that I have, now, a fairly "laid back" flock…!

Here you can see Woolpit Davy behaving like a softy with a young friend in 1989.

The Point of my flock, apart from the pleasure they give me, is to produce good quality breeding animals to sell to other enthusiasts. Each year I have lambs for sale. Enquiries and visitors are welcome and I can be contacted on

Any lambs that don't reach the best standard lead a comfortable and contented life for a whole year before we take them ourselves (no markets or strangers involved) to an abbatoir close by. this stress free, and relatively long, life means that the resulting meat is very special - very lean and full of flavour - and is in high demand from local customers.

Friendly! Woolpit Davy