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Clippersharp are delighted to be able to offer Clipping stencils to their already extensive range of clipping and grooming products. These stencils can be used on both summer and winter coats, and are easy to use. The stencil adheres to the coat and then the design can be carefully clipped into the coat. The design will last longer on a summer coat as the re-growth is slower, but is equally effective on a winter coat too.

This fun, low cost and innovative product, gives personalization to the clipped horse in winter and for fun designs on the summer coat too. Using high quality vinyl it adheres to the coat, and is easy to apply to any area of the horse or pony.

They come with easy to follow instructions, and are best applied to coats that are not too thick, ie, summer coats, or coats that have been clipped once.

Trimmers are needed to cut the hair where it shows through from the stencil, leaving the desired pattern, whether it’s a company logo, the owners initials, the horse’s name or a standard stock design, or clip around shapes.

All the stock clipping stencil patterns and clip around shapes can be found on the Clippersharp website together with a video showing a stencil being clipped onto a pony.

If you have a specific design you would like, then give us a call, custom designs can be made to order.

Cost: Clipping shapes and stars - £8.95 Stencils - £9.95

For further information, please email, visit or write to Clippersharp Ltd, Southwoods Farm, Culmstock, Cullompton, Devon.EX15 3JX Tel: 01823 681076 Fax: 01823 681470