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At HorseIT we offer a variety of excellent value advertising options to maximise your exposure from banner advertising to product pages, competitions and sponsorships aswell as our business directory


Banner Advertising    

Banners appear above the main page of text and are image based with a link to your website. With our banner software we can provide you with a statistical report of "click-throughs" from banner viewings allowing you to evaluate the value of this advertising.

Pricing :
We offer a discounted rate for long term purchasing of banner advertising.

Cost (per month)
1 month
3 months or more

Artwork & banner creation :
All banners must be 468 x 60 pixels (wide x high). If you need us to create a banner for you, we can do so at the following rates:

Static banner
Animated banner

Booking your banner advertising :
If you wish to book banner advertising on HorseIT please contact us by the following methods :

Tel - 01394 450850
Email - or

Advertising Pages

Product Page - £50 for 3 months
Basic Advertising page which contains your logo plus ONE image and 200 words of text with contact details and website link.

Premier Page - £190 for three months
The 'big page' for maximum content and impact. These are single static advertising pages with text, graphics, images, animated gifs, contact details, website link and email links. These are hosted in the area of your choice within, ie Breeding, Health, Students etc. The page can scroll down to include much more content than available with the other page options, and will be designed according to your company image or requirement.

Cost (3 months)
Product page
Premier page

Booking your advertorial page advertising :
If you wish to book advertorial page advertising on HorseIT please contact us by the following methods :

Tel - 01394 450850
Email - or

Business directory -


About Equibusiness

With Advertising rates from only £2 per year, Equibusiness is already well established as the HorseIT directory for the last 4 years. HorseIT has launched Equibusiness as a stand alone equestrian directory, which is accessed not only through but also through, where users can input a search at the top of any page on HorseIT, which will then search the Equibusiness directory. HorseIT alone has over 55,000 individual users a month and 1,200 pages of content.

Search statistics - Equibusiness has over 22,000 individual searches per month (actual individual businesses that are having their company details clicked on) of over 12,000 business listed. The Equibusiness directory is a professionally maintained, award winning (BETA 2003 New product awards - Highly commended) and well established source of equestrian business information, with top search engine ranking and high profile magazine marketing to back it up.

Why Equibusiness? The advantage over other directories.
Equibusiness is unlike other leading directories like Scoot and Yell in that it only holds Equestrian and related business and service listings. These do not tailor their service for a specific market, and for users are not easy to find detailed information on Equestrian and related businesses.

What are the costs?

At Equibusiness we offer a range of advertising options to suit all sizes of businesses and pockets, starting at only £ 65per year for Coloured listing

You can also update your listing throughout the year without additional charge if your company details change, eg. If you get a website.

Each listing has the following information ;

Company name and contact name.
Telephone and fax numbers.
Email address.
Website address.
Listing in up to 6 related business categories.
10 keywords that describe your business (eg. Feed, straw)
Description of your business and services.

The listing options break down as follows.

Note : A Bold listing appears above all standard listings, a coloured above all Bold and Standard and a logo above all others. So the more you pay the higher up the search results you come.

Advertising Options
Cost per year

How does Equibusiness work?
The website is based on a keyword search which means that if a user is looking for example Stable matting, they will type in "matting" or "stable mats" or similar. Our database then finds the categories that are close to that search and gives a list of options for them to choose from to help them refine their search. Alternatively we have a "detail search" which lists all the available 200+ search categories.

On selecting the most suitable category, the user will then be presented with a list of all companies that sell stable matting in order of their listing payment. ie. Logo listings appear at the top of the search then coloured, bold and then standard listings.

Why get a listing on Equibusiness?

Excellent advertising rates
Proven to bring results to advertisers.
Established business with professional service.
Over 5,000 user searches monthly.
Targeted equine audience unlike other directories (Scoot, Yell).
Available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Up to date information.
Because the value of Equibusiness is in the accuracy of the information we hold on it, we make sure that all the companies that are listed with us are regularly contacted by phone, fax or email to ensure that their details are up to date.

It is the quality of service and the accuracy of the information we hold on Equibusiness that makes us unique in our approach to an Equestrian online business directory.

Getting a listing on Equibusiness

Apply online - by simply choosing the listing level (Standard, Coloured or Logo) that you wish to apply for and then complete the application form page, ensuring that you include and check all your details.

Apply by post - To request a postal application form for your Equibusiness listing click here

Note - A Coloured listing will appear above all Standard listings,Logo listing will appear above all listings.

Already listed on Equibusiness?

You may find that your business is already appearing on Equibusiness.

Ensure you information is up to date -
To update your listing simply fill in again either the application form or request a postal form click here

Visit for more information or call tel. 01394 450 850


These advertisements are static images and will appear on the left-hand side of the site below the menu buttons and are linked directly to your web site.

Artwork :
If you cannot submit your own artwork we will create one for you for a one-time charge of £30.00 to your specifications and can include your logo or image according to the space available.

Restrictions :
There is space for only 2 sponsor boxes in each of the sections of the site :

Pricing :
We offer a discounted rate for long term purchasing of sponsorship advertising.

Home Page
£500.00/3 mths
£150.00 /3 mths
£300.00/3 mths
£150.00/3 mths
£500.00/3 mths
£300.00/3 mths

Booking your sponsorship advertising :
If you wish to book sponsorship advertising on HorseIT please contact us by the following methods :

Tel - 01394 450850
Email - or


Competitions on HorseIT

These are an excellent way of increasing your profile and also gaining information.

HorseIT inputs a competition with prizes (one or more) from the individual company. The competition will be branded according to the sponsor and will also include an image of the prize to be won.

The competition entry can be a simple choice answer or a more involved answer that would require the entrant to visit the sponsor's website for finding the answer.

The entrants may also be required to provide specific details as well as their contact details eg how many horses they own etc…. The specifics are worked on directly between HorseIT and the competition sponsor.

After a one month period, the competition will be closed. All the information collected from the entrants will be provided in a csv file to the competition sponsor.

HorseIT will draw the winner and the sponsor will provide the prize. All competitions receive front page exposure and are promoted through the HorseIT Newsletter that goes out every month.

Cost: £100 + vat per competition
For further information please contact the following :

Tel - 01394 450850
Email - or

Tried and tested

This is an excellent opportunity to get your products tested with 'real users'. This works very effectively. We find that users that are chosen to be testers take their responsibility very seriously and are very thorough about the testing and reporting.

How is it run?
HorseIT provides a small page in the site that is promoted all around the site (and in the monthly newsletter) providing more information (and images) of the product to be tested. On the same page is a form present through which potential testers can apply with a reason for becoming a tester for this product.

The testers are chosen by the product company according to their suitability. The products are then dispatched directly to the testers by the company. The testers are followed up by HorseIT at the appropriate time with an email with a link to the testers response page form for them to fill in.

We have had 100% of all testers report results and considerable extra comments on packaging etc.

HorseIT monitors the applications and the responses from those chosen and passes all the information to the company in a csv file (to be opened in excel) We only carry out one tried and tested per month so advanced booking of this service is recommended.


Booking your Tried & Tested page advertising :
If you wish to book a tried and tested page on HorseIT please contact us by the following methods :

Tel - 01394 450850
Email - or