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KICKSTART from Ronfields Nutrition
Designed to help foals get a good start. When given immediately at birth for a few days it will help the foal to be more alert so it will find the teat earlier and suck better.

Allen & Page Stud Feeds
Find out more about the extensive specialist feeds that Allen & Page have for the breeding industry.
Lacteal for Foals Maintaining Foals intestinal well-being
Provita have produced this source of live beneficial bacteria for the stabilisation of the intestinal microflora in horses and foals, helping them to digest proteins, fats and carbohydrates.
Feeding Youngstock
Nurtitional advice at a critical point in your young horses life.
Feeding Mares During pregnancy
Nurtitional advice on keeping your mare in the correct condition during pregnancy
Mares Milk Replacer Replacement mare's milk
Baileys now have available the 'Rescue Formula', which is a replacement mare's milk for those needy times.
Feeding Stallions
Keeping your stallion in tip top shape for the breeding season.