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Natural, simple and effective poulticing from Forest Farmacy...

Poulticing is notoriously a messy, timely and fiddly job – but something that is often imperative – especially in the wet, muddy and cold weather.

Forest Farmacy has incorporated traditional methods of poulticing the foot whilst offering an easy-to-use, effective solution to make horse owners life a lot easier!


The Poultice Patch incorporates a selection of herbs which naturally draw any infection from the foot. Ideal for abscesses, gravel or infections, there is no need to wet the poultice or apply any cream – the herbs do all the work whilst also relieving pain. Simply place on to the area and tape to secure, then leave overnight and let the Patch remove all the toxins.

Available in a box of 10, RRP £10.

For further information on any of the Forest Farmacy range, tel: 0800 970 9421 or visit